Sleep easy – Look no further if you are thinking of buying a new bed

BUYING a new bed can be extremely overwhelming. With numerous brands, materials/fillings to choose from, an easy process can turn into a mind boggling one!

Another frustrating aspect is the fact that in the vast majority of Spanish shops, not only do the beds generally all look and feel the same, it is incredibly difficult to get the guidance we need.

Either due to language barriers or lack of knowledge from sales assistants, it is easy to feel a little lost.

The Bed Warehouse Spain is here to help! With 40 years of experience, having owned businesses in Spain, Portugal and England as well as having manufactured their own beds – they can guide you towards the ideal bed for you.

Unfortunately, there is no one perfect bed for everybody and there are several aspects to consider when choosing the correct mattress for your specific needs.

For example, people who suffer with back problems might be drawn to buying an orthopaedic mattress, which much of the time can do a lot more harm than good.

Another thing to consider is what type of ‘sleeper’ you are (eg. a side sleeper would benefit much more from a pillow top mattress than a back sleeper).

Also, as we are in Spain, it is important to take the heat into consideration. A thick memory foam topper would be too hot and natural fabrics such as cotton and tencel are certainly things to consider.

Even now, post Brexit, all of our beds are UK brand-named at a fraction of the cost (John Lewis, Silentnight, Slumberland, Harrison etc) and manufactured in the UK.

This means, combined with their extensive in-depth knowledge, they are sure to find the perfect bed for you with delivery as soon as the next day.

Visit The Bed Warehouse now, for the luxury you deserve at a price you can afford!

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