Smoking in bar terraces will be allowed again in Baleares 

The current prohibition to smoke in bar and restaurant terraces in Baleares is set to come to an end soon. 

The measure took effect during the covid-19 pandemic and has been into force ever since. 

However, as the WHO confirmed the end of the global health emergency earlier last month, all covid-related restrictions are to stop applying with immediate effect. 

The strategy of Baleares’ Health Service was to extend the current regulation until the entry into force of the new National Anti-Smoking Law. 

Which aimed to ban smoking in bars, restaurants and beach terraces. 

However, Pedro Sanchez’s call for early general elections means the new law will not be passed on time. 

Meaning Baleares Government has no choice but to allow smoking in these places again. 

Meanwhile, the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), has started an initiative with Palma’s well-known Bar Bosch to ask other bars and restaurants to declare their outside spaces smoke-free areas.  

“Only 27% of the population smokes but this negatively impacts the other 73%,” Doctor Jose Reyes, AECC president said. 

He insisted: “We should protect the majority of the population, mostly the most vulnerable groups.”  

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