Social media users in Spain blast rapper C. Tangana for being ‘sexist’ and compare him with Jesús Gil

SPANISH rapper C. Tangana is once again at the centre of the controversy following his latest social media post. 

Singer Antón Álvarez Alfaro, from Madrid, took to Twitter and Instagram to share a snap of him on a yacht surrounded by women in bikinis, including famous actresses Ester Exposito and Hiba Abouk.

The Nunca Estoy star captioned the photo ‘YATE I say’, in reference to his latest song ‘Yate’ 

Immediately the photograph came under fire with commenters labeling the rapper as sexist. 

The comments section was flooded with accusations that  Tangana was ‘macho’ and ‘sexist’ for posing in a picture surrounded by a ‘harem’ of women.

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Some critics even compared him to Jesus Gil 

The singer was blasted ‘seedy’ in the comments and blamed for  ‘sexualizing’ women to promote his single.

Some critics even compared him to Jesus Gil and his famous photo in a hot tub surrounded by women.

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