Sotogrande’s highlight of the year gets underway with International Polo Tournament

THE 50th edition of the Sotogrande International Polo Tournament has kicked off, with 19 teams competing for the Cups.

The five-week tournament is one of the most looked-forward-to events of the summer, with people coming from all over Spain to get in on the action.

This year, the world number one world polo player, Adolfo Cambiaso, has returned to Sotogrande after five years off, along with other stars. 

Polo Hurlingham Open La Dolfina Santa Maria De Lobos
Adolfo Cambiaso: Photo by Alejandro Pagni/PHOTOXPHOTO

Vital to bringing the glamorous star back to the field of the wealthy enclave in Cadiz for the first time in five years has been the restoration of the tournament to the very highest tier of the polo world – the High Handicap category.

The three most prestigious clubs in Sotogrande – Ayala, Dos Lunas and Santa Maria – are co-hosting the event and plan to put on a spectacular series of activities to entertain between chukkas.

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These will help reinforce the tournament’s position as one of the highlights of the high-society social scene in Spain.

Juan Marin, vice president of the Andalucia government and Minister of Tourism said the tournament is one of the ‘most important sporting events in our land’ and despite the ‘difficulties of the pandemic’, has remained in the calendar.

The mayor of San Roque, Juan Ruiz-Boix, said ‘the history of the International Polo Tournament is a success story’. He also noted how important the event is for its contribution to tourism in Cadiz.

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Opening ceremony

Both Ruiz-Boix and Marin attended the opening ceremony on Monday, July 26, alongside chairman of the club, Marc Topiol.

The tournament runs until August 28, with games taking place most days. Admission is free.

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