‘Source of pride’ Junta confirms Andalucia is on track to receive 4000 Afghan refugees

THE president of the Junta de Andalucia has confirmed the region is on track to receive thousands of Afghan refugees. 

Juanma Moreno said that it was a ‘source of pride’ that two US military bases in Andalusia would be used to receive Afghans who have worked for the U.S. government, 

Bases Moron de la Frontera near Seville and Rota near Cadiz will be used by refugees from Afghanistan until their travel to other countries is arranged, following an agreement 

Moreno said the bases in Rota and Morón, which are set to host a joint total of 4000 refugees, are ‘essential in the shared objective of working together to save the lives of people from Afghanistan’. 

Speaking to broadcasters, Moreno said the bases in Andalucia were providing ‘essential’ refuge to those at Kabul airport attempting to escape Afghanistan.

He said: “Hopefully one day the Afghans fleeing the horror will be able to return to their country and regain their freedoms.” 

It comes as G7 leaders issued a joint statement saying: “We express our grave concern about the situation in Afghanistan and call for calm and restraint to ensure the safety and security of vulnerable Afghan and international citizens, and the prevention of a humanitarian crisis.”

Yesterday Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Afghans to stop travelling to Kabul airport as no evacuations would be permitted after the August 31 deadline.

During a press conference in Kabul, he said: “August 31 is the time given and after that it’s something that is against the agreement.

“All people should be removed prior to that date.

“After that we do not allow them, it will not be allowed in our country, we will take a different stance

A joint statement from G7 leaders, meanwhile, said they had agreed to a ‘renewed humanitarian effort by the international community’.

It reads: “To this end we support the UN in coordinating the immediate international humanitarian response in the region, including unfettered humanitarian access in Afghanistan, and will contribute collectively to that response.

“As part of that, we will cooperate together and with neighbouring and other countries in the region on supporting Afghan refugees and host communities as part of a coordinated long-term regional response.

“We call on all partners of Afghanistan to support this effort and wider regional stability through multilateral channels.”


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