Spain braces for hottest start to October in 70 years: Temperatures will soar from TOMORROW and could reach as high as 38C

SPAIN will be hit with extreme temperatures this weekend in what could be the hottest start to October in at least 70 years.

Weather agency AEMET has warned it will be up to 15C hotter than usual for this time of year as the so-called ‘Summer of San Miguel’ takes hold.

The most at risk areas are in the Guadalquivir valley, which includes parts of Sevilla and Cordoba, where the mercury could hit 38C over Saturday and Sunday.

The majority of the country will see temperatures ranging from 30-32C, rising to 34C in inland areas and an exceptional 36-38C in parts of inland Andalucia.

According to AEMET spokesperson Ruben del Campo, there has not been such an ‘extraoridnary and intense’ start to October since at least 1950.

In an interview with EFE, he said the conditions are more like the height of August than the start of autumn.

The hottest days will be from Friday to Monday, when minimum temperatures are not expected to fall below 18C along the Costa del Sol and across Andalucia and Extremadura.

The hottest day ever recorded in October was in 2014, when Marbella saw the mercury hit 37.5C, which is expected to be beaten in the coming days.

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