Spain comes out on top in poll of preferred countries for digital nomad Brits thanks to its better quality of life – especially for women aged 25 to 30

BRITS yearning to ditch their dreary islands in favour of better weather and increased spending power would choose Spain – if they could keep their current jobs.

A striking 53% of British professionals able to embrace remote working would consider moving to the land of cañas and chorizo if.

Just 33% would stick with Blighty while fourteen percent were undecided. 

This willingness to relocate underscores the draw of Spain’s lifestyle, culture, and opportunities – but also serves as a damning indictment of 2020s Britain.

Of those able to, 22% of British professionals would choose Spain ahead of its competitors, a recent study by Nebeus revealed. 

In second place, 19% of Brits would plump for the United States. 

This is followed by France (13%), Portugal (6%), Southeast Asia (5%), Latin America (3%) and Eastern Europe (2%). 

The most common profile of Brit who see Spain as a viable place to live and work remotely is women aged 25 to 30 in line manager roles within the private sector.

Digital Nomad
Spain came first in a poll of countries where digital nomad Brits would like to relocate to

Barcelona, with its blend of cosmopolitan flair and Mediterranean charm, tops the list of preferred Spanish cities at 14%.

Coastal cities like Valencia, Alicante, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, and Marbella are also favourites, highlighting the allure of Spain’s beachside locales. 

Inland cities like Madrid and Sevilla hold their own in the rankings, proving that Spain’s appeal extends beyond its coastline.

The study points out several incentives for choosing Spain as a remote work base. 

The promise of a better quality of life is the most significant draw at 46%, followed by the potential for saving money (19%) and an attractive culture and lifestyle (12%). 

Job opportunities (7%) and tax incentives (4%) were also factors.

Interestingly, 89% of British professionals were unaware of Spain’s digital nomad visa, but upon learning about it, 56% expressed interest in taking it up.

Three in ten Brits believe their spending power would be enhanced in Spain, although nearly four in ten are unsure.

One in five think it would be similar, and only 11% expect it to be lower.

Financial considerations, such as easy and economical international transfers (27%), financial insurances or protections (21%), and access to internationally accepted cards (19%), play a crucial role in the decision to move. 

When selecting a financial platform, ease of use and access (33%), low fees and maintenance costs (24%), and data security (15%) are top priorities.

The main financial challenges perceived in relocating include healthcare costs (31%), cost of living (21%), and retirement and savings plans (10%). 

Concerns about accessing accounts and funds (9%), currency exchange (7%), and credit and loan access (7%) also factor into their considerations.


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