Spain has lost over 12,000 nationals while welcoming almost 150,000 foreigners this year’s first quarter 

The number of Spanish nationals has decreased by 12,614 during this year’s first quarter, according to the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE).

These figures contrast with the number of foreigners now living in Spain, which increased by 149,530 between January 1 and April 1. 

Overall, the population in Spain has grown by 136,916 during this period.

This data means that the country loses 140 native citizens while welcoming 1,661 foreigners a day.  

Spain’s current population is 48.2 million, of which 6.22, almost 13%, are of foreign origin.

And another 8.3 million people, nearly 17%, are residents born abroad that later obtained Spanish nationality. 

The three main groups of immigrants arriving in Spain in the 2023 first quarter are Colombian (44,300), Moroccan (23,200) and Venezuelan (21,500). 

Spanish were identified as the largest group of people exiting the country in the search for better job opportunities. 

A total of 11,500 Spaniards left their homeland to find greater career opportunities. 

Followed by 8,400 Moroccan and 7,700 Romanian nationals who also departed Spain looking for professional growth.  

Overall, a population increase was experienced in 15 of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain during the first quarter.  

Madrid has registered the highest growth, followed by Comunidad Valenciana and Catalunya. 

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