Spain is one of the top countries for American migration

Spain ranks as the second best country for Americans to migrate to. 

Ibrinfo has compiled a ranked list of the 13 best countries for Americans to move to and Spain comes in at number two.

The research took the top 13 countries according to the number of American expats and scored them on nine factors: road quality, pollution index score, amount of landmarks, healthcare index score, amount of nature spots, estimated monthly costs (without rent), estimated monthly salary after tax, average internet download speed and average rent for a 1 bed flat in a city center.

According to the data collected, Spain has an average monthly living cost of 708 $ USD, monthly income after tax of 1839 $ USD and average rent for a 1 bed city center flat of 811 $ USD.

Its healthcare index score is 77.9, 3.8 points higher than the UK, and has a pollution index of 39.6 out of 100. It scored top in internet download speed, a factor that is crucial for those working remotely.

The country also enjoys 5666 nature spots, 17264 landmarks and the third best road quality score out of the 13 countries, making it great for those looking to do some weekend trips.

In total Spain scored 81 out of 117 points, only 12 points behind Japan and 2 above France.


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