Spain is the best country in the WORLD for a road trip holiday, according to new ranking

SPAIN has been named the best country in the world for road trips, according to new data. 

The perfect holiday for adventurers, road trips offer freedom for curious travellers to explore at their own pace, with many dreaming of epic journeys along Route 66 or the Pacific Coast Highway in the US. 

But according to new research, the best place for a road trip is closer than you think. 

According to Compare the Market Australia, Spain is the top spot to travel the open road. 

The study considered the cost, popularity and safety of road tripping in many countries worldwide. 

They also looked at gas prices, road quality, number of accidents and congestion levels. 

The research stated: “Spain is the country where foreign drivers are likely to find the most pleasurable driving experience.

“With the fifth-best road quality, Spain is renowned for its modern and well-maintained highways. The country also has the third cheapest car hire prices at just €29.55 (about $32.42), meaning money saved can be spent on everything from visiting some of the country’s most famous galleries to delicious tapas.”

It was closely followed by Canada, which ranked highly due to its affordable petrol and its clear roads. 

According to the study it takes an average of just 14 minutes to drive 6.2 miles, meaning drivers can explore this vast country with ease. 

Canada’s neighbour, the United States, took third place.

Plenty of famous highways are found in the States like Route 66 and Highway 1. 

The UK took fourth spot thanks to Scotland’s iconic North Coast 500.  

Another Iberian location, Portugal, was given the fifth spot with researchers highlighting low petrol prices and stunning coastal routes. 


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