Spain property sales rocket above pre-pandemic levels

HOUSE sales in Spain in August rose by a whopping 41% from the same month in 2019 after a surge in interest following the pandemic lockdown.

Nearly 47,000 houses were sold in August, up from around 33,000 two summers ago, according to data released by Spain’s College of Registrars on Thursday.

Property experts believe demand is booming after people reassessed their life choices while confined in the strictest lockdown in Europe, when Spaniards weren’t even allowed outside to exercise.

For many, the experience of being confined at home sparked a decision to move house, with properties with gardens or terrace being the most sought after.

The property market had also stagnated due to economic uncertainty during the pandemic and with restrictions preventing movement around Spain.

But Spain’s property market seems back on track with Spain’s property portal Idealista even reporting that 11% less properties for sale in Madrid than a year ago as demand outstrips supply.


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