Spain’s Andalucia calls on Central Government to make face masks compulsory outdoors again in bid to halt serge of new COVID-19 infections

DUE to the significant increase in COVID-19 infections in Spain, the Junta has asked the Ministry of Health to reintroduce the mandatory use of face masks in outdoor places.

The request was made by the Andalucian Regional Minister of Health and Families, Jesus Aguirre, at the meeting held this Wednesday of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health Service, where the central and autonomous region public health administrations analyse the pandemic situation and decisions are made.

Aguirre has warned of the difficulty of maintaining the required social distance in busy places over Christmas and highlighted his concern of the significant increase in COVID-19 infections in Spain, partly due to the multiple celebrations taking place due to the arrival of Christmas.

“We are already immersed in the sixth wave of the coronavirus pandemic, with a daily increase in cases, although in Andalucia the incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants is still below the national rate.” he said.

According to the councillor, along with vaccination, the mask – which is compulsory indoors – is one of the ‘most powerful weapons’ to prevent cases of coronavirus or other respiratory diseases, especially during the winter.

Aguirre’s peticion comes following the rejection from the Andalucian High Court of Justice (TSJA) of the proposed COVID-19 passport rules for bars, restaurants and nightlife venues, mainly because it would discriminate against unvaccinated employees, forcing them to get vaccinated, which is illegal.


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