Spain’s Andalucia to put in motion ‘Drill Response 21’ a catastrophe simulation of three major emergency situations—tsunami, earthquake and floods

THE Junta has announced that it is preparing a catastrophe simulation to take place in October of three major emergency situations—tsunami, earthquake and floods.

The operation, which is unprecedented in the region, has been named ‘Drill Response 21’, and will take place over three consecutive days in October in which the response in the event of catastrophes such as earthquakes, tsunamis or floods will be tested.

#SimulacroRespuestA21 will recreate three major emergency situations:

Earthquake in Almeria, #Granada and #Málaga

Tidal wave in #Cádiz and #Huelva

Floods in #Jaén, #Córdoba and #Sevilla

@ E112Andalucia. September 8, 2021

According to the Deputy Minister of Presidency, Interior and Public Administrations of the Junta, Antonio Sanz, there are three hotspot areas in Andalucia at risk of suffering a natural catastrophe and a Contingency Plan has been drawn up, presented this Tuesday by the Governing Council of the Junta, which reflects the current risk situation in Andalucia and establishes emergency protocols in the event of a tsunami, earthquake or severe floods in the region.

Emergency drills will be carried out in these hotspot areas with the aim of testing the available response mechanisms in situations of seriousness or special risk.

Specifically, on October 19, a possible seismic movement that will affect eastern Andalucia (Almeria, Granada and Malaga) will be recreated.

As a consequence, in the province of Malaga there will be an ‘accident’ involving a tanker transporting dangerous goods. This scenario will serve to test from the Advanced Command Posts (PMA) that will be installed in Velez-Malaga (Malaga) and Huercal-Overa (Almeria) which will follow the protocol established in the event of a real incident.

On Wednesday, October 20, the effectiveness of the Contingency Plan will be measured against the risk of a tidal wave in the Gulf of Cadiz (Cadiz and Huelva) and on Thursday, October 21, the Flood Risk Plan in Andalucia will be launched, focused on the municipalities of the Guadalquivir Valley (Jaen, Cordoba and Seville).

The Contingency Plan is the preliminary step for the drafting of the future emergency plan for the risk of tsunami, earthquake and floods in Andalucia and represents an effort by the Andalucian administration to be prepared in the event of a natural catastrophe in the region.

In the case of a tidal wave, the plan covers more than 800 kilometres of coastline and 503 beaches spread over 62 Andalucian municipalities.


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