Spain’s Benidorm goes on tree planting spree to improve the environment

BENIDORM City Council has begun an initiative to plant new trees all around the area until the end of March.

Some 200 trees will be planted to help improve the local environment.

The CV-753 dubbed the ‘tourist highway’ has already seen 55 mulberry trees appear and 31 Tipuanas and Jacarandas trees have been transplanted there from the Sequia Mare park.

Checking out the new trees, Benidorm mayor, Toni Perez, said: “All these plantations create biodiversity in the green fabric of Benidorm as they absorb carbon dioxide and therefore reduce the local carbon footprint.”

“Each tree is capable of absorbing about 25 kilos of carbon dioxide per year, an amount that goes up as they grow and so these new trees will absorb around ten tons of carbon dioxide each year,“ he added.

Perez Reviews Planted Trees

Next week, deciduous trees will be planted on Calle Virgen del Rocio.

A grove of different varieties will be created on this street, including the Melias Azedarach and Tipuanas de sombra.

Other imminent work includes the planting of a variety of ‘Bismarkia’ or blue palm trees on Calle Ricardo Bayona at the junction of Calles Nicaragua and Cuba in addition to the Parque de Foietes and around the Rincon de Loix.

Toni Perez explained that ‘plantings have been carried out both in the urban area and in city parks, which not just benefits the environment but also results in better cleanliness and improved air quality’.

The tree planting is part of Benidorm’s better environment strategy including LED street light replacements, street pedestrianisation, promoting public transport, and switching the council’s vehicle fleet to hybrid models.


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