Spain’s best sandwich is made in Marbella

THE X Snack Competition jury at Madrid Fusion gastronomy summit have voted a sandwich, lovingly prepared in Marbella, to be the best in Spain.

The sandwich is made with pickled partridge and prepared by Javier Ruiz Portillo at the El Parque de la Milla restaurant in Marbella, and can now boast to be the best in Spain.

The votes took place last Wednesday, January 25, at the Madrid Fusión gastronomic summit by a jury made of the chef Jesús Monedero, the baker John Torres and the gastronomic journalists Marina Vega, Raquel Castillo and Esperanza Peláez.

According to the jury, the pickled partridge sarnie has ‘excellent’ sandwich qualities; it can be eaten without staining, the ingredients marry and bind, and it has the ingredients of a traditional Spanish sandwich.

Ingredients which include beer bread in addition to partridge pickles, as well as oregano paste and ham, mustard seeds, IPA beer, sugar, red wine, leeks, seasonal mushrooms, mustard leaves and radishes.

In addition to the title, the Marbella chef was also awarded a cash prize of €1500.


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