Spain’s best-voted chocolate ice cream made and sold in Fuengirola

A Fuengirola gelato shop now boasts Spain’s best chocolate ice cream.

The Caramelo ice cream parlour won first prize in a contest organised by specialist magazine Helado Artesano, in which more than 150 professionals from all over Spain took part. 

The product, made and sold in Fuengirola, by the artisan Matias Kuyumdjian was crowned the best in the country.

The professional won with a recipe that he had been working on for four months and that he had only just included in his business offering. 

“It is a mixture of pure chocolates from different origins,” Kuyumdjian said.

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The chocolate ice cream won first prize.

The contest had two different phases: on the first day, the judges marked the contestants on an ice cream of their choice, between mango and dulce de leche. 

Kuyumdjian was second with his dulce de leche and therefore went through to the final. 

In the last round, the chosen flavour was chocolate, where he came out the winner.

“There was a high level of competition and just reaching the final was a source of pride,” he said. 

“But being judged the winner is a massive prestige on a personal level, beating so many renowned people.”

Living on the coast since 2008, Matias Kuyumdjian has his business on Calle Boquetillo in Fuengirola. 

In addition to being an ice cream parlour, the establishment is also a bakery and a pizzeria, and the businessman makes every single product in an artisanal way and in full view of the customers.

The business opened in April 2019, just before the pandemic, and despite this it has made a name for itself in the neighbourhood. 


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