Spain’s Civil Guard arrests man accused of stealing more than €11,000 from dead pensioner he used to care for

THE SPANISH Civil Guard has arrested a man in Seville on allegations that he spent more than €11,000 using the credit card of a pensioner he used to take care of. The victim had died when the supposed theft took place, and is also thought to have included the robbery of jewels worth around €1,300. 

The alarm was raised by the man’s widow, after she found a number of unauthorised transactions on her husband’s bank account and that had been made using his credit card. 

The spending included luxury hotels in Madrid, plane and train journeys, tickets for theme parks and furniture, according to the Civil Guard. 

The authorities soon focused their investigations on the victim’s carer. This allowed them to locate the jewels, which had been sold on by the alleged thief, aged 38, and were identified by the wife. 

The man was arrested in Coria del Rio in Seville, and has been accused of offences of fraud and theft. 

He has been jailed without bail.

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