Spain’s Civil Guard uses DNA to track down SICK dog owner who abandoned eight puppies in a rubbish bin

THE SPANISH Civil Guard is investigating a man from Valladolid province after he allegedly abandoned eight puppies in a rubbish container. The authorities used DNA from the baby dogs to track down its mother and her owner. 

The incident took place on November 14, when a passer-by in the municipality of La Parrilla, who was walking his own dog, heard noises coming from a trash can. 

He opened up the lid and found the newborn puppies in a plastic bag. 

Three of the dogs had already died, but he took the remaining five so that they could receive treatment from a vet. 

Nothing could be done for them, however, and the entire litter of eight puppies died. 

The Civil Guard’s Seprona branch, which investigates environmental crimes, then used an animal register to try to track down possible mothers according to the breed of the abandoned dogs. 

DNA tests were then carried out on the candidates, as well as on the puppies. 

The results allowed the Civil Guard to launch an investigation against the man, who is thought to have disposed of the puppies in the garbage container.

Spain has recently introduced a tougher law covering animal cruelty, which includes harsher fines and punishment for offenders. 

People who harm or mistreat their pets could face fines of €500 to €10,000 for minor offences, while these fines could rise to anywhere between €10,001 and €50,000 for more serious infractions. The most serious offences will carry fines from €50,001 to €200,000. 

Repeat offenders will face prison sentences as well as restrictions that would stop them from either owning or working with animals.

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