Spain’s Cordoba Patios to reopen in October

LOS Patios de Cordoba will reopen this October and will feature 16 venues over two weekends.

The event will take place in October on the weekends of 16-17 and 23-24.

The first weekend coincides with the Fiesta de la Flora (which is celebrated from the 11th to the 21st of the month), an event traditionally related to botanical and floral art.

The second weekend will coincide with the day of Saint Raphael Archangel, patron saint of Cordoba.

The opening hours to view the patios have been programmed between: 11.00am – 2pm and then from 6:30pm – 8pm.

The dates for this autumn festival were originally for the start of October, however due to the long, hot summer, the patio owners have insisted that they needed more time in order to recover the flora and prepare the patios again.

The participants in this Autumn Festival, an activity that was already held last year with great success, will be the 16 winners of the official competition that took place in May.

The May winners, and participants of the upcoming Autumn Festival are: Marroquies, 6; Tinte, 9; San Basilio, 44; San Basilio, 40; San Basilio, 14; Isabel II, 14; Parras, 6; and Maese Luis, 22 (all winners in category of courtyards with old architecture); and Parras, 5; Plaza de las Tazas, 11; Martín de Roa, 2; Chaparro, 3; Pastora, 2; Duartas, 2; San Juan de Palomares, 8; San Basilio, 20 (in the category of courtyards with modern or renovated architecture).

The Courtyards Festival of Cordoba has been on the list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity of Unesco since December 2012.


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