Spain’s Defence Ministry evacuated after two suspicious packages detected

THE SPANISH Defence Ministry in Madrid was evacuated on Wednesday after two suspicious packages were detected. 

Official sources told online daily El Confidencial that on inspection the parcels did not contain explosives or any dangerous substances. Other sources told the newspaper that the sender of the packages was Russian.

The incident comes just a week after a 74-year-old retired civil servant was arrested by the Spanish police on suspicion of sending a series of letter bombs to six targets in the months of October and November last year. 

Pompeyo Gonzalez is suspected of sending the devices to the Spanish prime minister’s residence, the Defense Ministry and an arms manufacturer in Zaragoza, among other targets. 

Gonzalez is suspected of being a radical supporter of Russia and its invasion of Ukraine. 

Last week another package containing explosive material was sent to the Zuera prison, also located in Zaragoza.

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