Spain’s domestic violence epidemic: Woman stabbed by her partner in Valencia almost became murder victim number nine 

A Colombian man has been charged with attempted murder after stabbing his partner multiple times in Valencia.

A 53-year-old man was arrested at 4am in a house in the city after another person who lived there heard screams and called the police. 

Officers raced to the scene to avert yet another case of murder by a man against his female partner

The 49-year-old victim suffered several stab wounds and was transferred to hospital after receiving life-saving treatment at the scene.  

She would have been the ninth murder victim in a case of domestic violence in Spain in 2023 alone, which is just six weeks old.

These numbers mean 1.3 women are being murdered by their male partners a week across Spain.

There have been 1,190 such murders in the country since statistics began in 2003. 


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