Spain’s Estepona to host the Andalucian ham slicing contest this Sunday

A REGIONAL jamon-cutting contest will be held this Sunday, September 26, in Estepona.

There has long been a competitive element in mastering the fine art of carving Spanish ham, and this weekend will see the very best in the region put their skills to the test and all for a good cause.

The competition, sponsored by Sabor a Malaga and the Malaga Provincial Council in collaboration with the local City Council, aims to bring together the best ham cutters in Andalucia, under the motto ‘no home without food.’

According to the event organiser, Jose Maria Tellez ‘Popi’, the competition seeks to raise awareness for a good cause and aims to collect non-perishable foodstuffs for donation.

Those attending will be able to enjoy mouth-watering jamon serrano free of charge, but first they will need to donate non-perishable foodstuffs for the local food bank.

The final will take place from 12pm to 4pm outside the Felipe VI Auditorium in Estepona, where eight participants, each representing one of the Andalucian provinces, will have to demonstrate their jamon-cutting skill, while the jury will assess, among other aspects, the style of the Cortadores de Jamon (ham carvers), time taken to cut a whole ham, the presentation of the dish and if the cutters are capable of slicing 100 gram portions by eye.

A good hand-cut ham is sliced in a firm yet gentle way, by sliding the blade across the leg of Jamon to produce thin and exquisite slices and was once the job of the butcher, the waiter or the chef in the restaurant. Now, however, it is a profession, and one that requires talent, a lot of practice and a steady hand.

Due to the ongoing health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, capacity will be limited.

Anyone wishing to attend should request an invitation by contacting the organisers on: 629 198 145.


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