Spain’s government examines different options on nationwide toll road charging in 2024

SPAIN’S government has commissioned studies at how to introduce a nationwide road toll system from 2024.

The measure is in return for receiving EU Covid recovery grants worth €70 billion.

Spain has been under pressure to fall in line with other EU member states like France, Germany and Portugal where widespread toll road charging is the norm.

The General Directorate of Highways(DGT) has hired consultancy firm Ineco to produce nine reports for a new highways financing scheme.

Ineco will get paid €1.4 million for ten months work.

The reports will look at whether charges should only apply to state highways or be extended to regional roads, or even every road.

They will also review charge levels which will seek not to harm the most financially vulnerable.

Also under scrutiny will be exactly what kind of payment system will be used.

The two options seem to be that either motorists will pay a fixed sum each year to give them unlimited travel or tolls will be charged on a ‘per use’ basis.

Because of so little time remaining, its believed the fixed charge system will be implemented initially with each car having a sticker on it, similar to that for an ITV test.

That will allow more technology to be installed to bring ‘per use’ charging.

Opponents say the state of the economy means its not the right time to introduce such a measure.


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