Spain’s Indian summer comes to an end: Temperatures to fall this weekend as autumnal weather arrives with showers

AFTER an unusually warm start to October in Spain, autumn is finally set to arrive this weekend with a fall in temperatures more in line with the average for this time of year. 

Showers are also forecast to arrive first in Galicia and Asturias, according to Spain’s Aemet state meteorological service, with the wet weather spreading across the rest of the country over the coming days. 

The rain is due to begin in the northwest of the country from Friday onward, and by Saturday will have reached the east of the Iberian peninsula and then the Balearic Islands by Sunday, Europa Press reports. 

A low pressure front is due to enter from the Atlantic on Sunday, bringing with it more rain to the northwest. Storms are also expected. 

Temperatures are likely to fall across the country, but the Canary Islands – which are located off the northwestern coast of Africa – will see stable conditions, with clear skies and rising temperatures until Sunday. 

The usually year-round temperate climate of the archipelago has been interrupted this week by a heatwave, with temperatures of 33 to 35ºC forcing schools to close

By Sunday, Malaga and Valencia will see highs of 26ºC and lows of 19ºC, Murcia a range of 31-16ºC, and Barcelona 23-20ºC.

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