Spain’s Malaga back on YELLOW ALERT for sizzling temperatures this Monday

MALAGA is bracing for another scorching day as Spain’s Met Office, AEMET, issues a fresh weather alert for high temperatures in the province.

The alert, marked as yellow and indicates a ‘risk’, will be in effect from 1pm to 9pm, with temperatures expected to soar beyond 36ºC.

Adding to the sweltering conditions, there’s a possibility of the return of ‘terral’ winds, as AEMET warns of westward winds picking up strength throughout the day, especially along the coastline.

Meteorology forecasts partly cloudy skies in the morning, clearing up to mostly clear skies during the day, along with a chance of a light haze (calima).

Temperatures in Malaga capital are predicted to range between 24 and 36ºC, while Marbella will experience temperatures between 23 and 34ºC. Vélez-Málaga will see temperatures fluctuate between 23 and 36ºC, Antequera ranging from 22 to 35ºC, and Ronda will face temperatures from 20 to 31ºC.

During the previous heatwave, Malaga broke two temperature records. The first, on July 19, at 4:20pm, where the temperature hit a scorching 44.2ºC at the Malaga airport weather station—which is the reference point for AEMET’s temperature statistics with data spanning 81 years—and matched the previous maximum recorded temperature from July, set in 1978 that also hit a red-hot 44.2ºC.

The second record was set on the night of July 20, with the highest minimum night-time temperature in 74 years, as Málaga experienced an infernal night with temperatures reaching 30.4ºC at 1:40am. The following evening, July 21, surpassed that mark once again, hitting 32.5ºC at 1am, as reported by AEMET.

Experts have also issued a stark warning that temperatures are unlikely to drop anytime soon, with ‘challenging weeks’ ahead for Malaga.


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