Spain’s Malaga records second warmest winter in 60 years and braces for a record-breaking hot spring

MALAGA has recorded the second warmest winter since 1961, with temperatures registering 1.5ºC above average for this season, with spring forecast to follow the ‘above normal’ trend.

In fact, Spain’s met office, AEMET, has forecast that spring will be ‘warmer than normal’ throughout much of the peninsula, specifically southern Spain, which braces for what could possibly be the warmest spring since records began.

And, with no rain forecast of the coming days, the meteorological drought in the province persists.

Despite the fact that winter has gone down in the books as a relatively wet season for Malaga, with an average of 211 litres per square metre recorded, the meteorological drought continues.

Looking ahead to Easter, the director of the AEMET weather centre in Malaga, Jesus Riesco, has indicated that, with three weeks to go, it isn’t possible to give a reliable forecast, however, it is possible to anticipate that the probability of rain is low, with ‘much less rainfall than normal’.

Temperatures will continue to rise this week, with sunbathing highs of 30ºC forecast for the coming weekend in the capital of the Costa del Sol.


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