Spain’s Malaga seeks direct flight to Miami and year-round connections to Qatar and Saudi Arabia

MALAGA aims to strengthen its position in the North American, Latin American and Middle Eastern markets.

With the soon-to-be direct connection between Malaga – New York scheduled to commence from May 31 of this year, more connections between the Costa del Sol and the east coast of the US are already being sought.

The aim is to continue attracting the American market with Miami airport Malaga’s next target.

“Miami and Houston are now our new targets in this strategy to improve air connectivity in North America”, as stated by the Junta’s Minister of Tourism, Arturo Bernal.

And Malaga, more than Houston, is focusing more on Miami given that not only is it the main hub in the southeast of the United States, but also, the southernmost point of the country and the main connection with countries like as Colombia and Venezuela.

According to reports, there are initially ‘several airlines interested’ in providing this service, including United Airlines – the same airline that will operate the direct link to New York – as well as American Airlines.

While the flight to Miami is slowly being forged, negotiations with Qatar Airways and Saudia Airways – the companies that operate the connections to Doha and Riyadh, respectively – are also underway to extend the connection throughout the year.

With these current negotiations underway, Malaga continues to underpin its intention to strengthen its position in tourism under the premise of higher quality, more nights per visitor and higher average spending, with the hope to see new destinations announced on the airport screens sooner rather than later.


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