Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez uses Christmas message to call for an end to the ‘unbearable suffering’ of the people of Gaza

SPANISH Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has used a Christmas video message to call on the international community to bring about an end to the ‘unbearable suffering’ of the people of Gaza. 

The Socialist Party leader was referring to the Israeli response to the Hamas attacks carried out against the country on October 7, an offensive that he also described as ‘one of the most cruel in recent history’.

The prime minister made the comments – which were reported by Spanish daily El Pais – on Sunday during his traditional Christmas video call to Spanish troops stationed abroad.

Spain has been one of the most outspoken countries so far when it comes to demanding that there be a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

In fact, at the end of November a diplomatic incident was sparked after Sanchez voiced stark criticism of Israel’s military operations while he was on a visit to the country, making a stop in Palestine itself.

Also on Sunday, the prime minister congratulated the members of the armed forces for their commitment and professionalism, and their defence of the country’s principles in a ‘world enveloped in conflicts that have a very significant impact on the daily life of citizens’.

Sanchez, who was voted back into power in November after the inconclusive general election of July 23, also referred to the war in Ukraine, expressing his ‘firm support’ for the Ukrainian people whom, he added, ‘were fighting for their freedom’ against Russia 

Speaking from La Moncloa prime ministerial palace, the prime minister referred to the 12,054 members of the Spanish armed forces who had taken part in operations abroad over the course of this year, and paid tribute to the 175 men and women who had lost their lives during 34 years of international missions. 

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