Spain’s Sevilla airport expects a historic summer of flights this 2023

SEVILLA Airport’s summer season kicks-off on March 26, with a historic schedule that will remain in force until the last weekend of October.

In order to cover the forecast summer demand, airlines have scheduled routes to almost 80 destinations, 18 of which are to Spanish cities and another 60 to European and North African cities, and have put 5.8 million seats on the market.

This is the schedule with the most destinations and seats in the airport’s history.

Compared to the 2019 summer season (last full normal season), seats on offer have increased by 10.3%, while flights increase by 1.6%.

The airlines’ schedule for this summer reflects their commitment to the international market, as it will absorb 48.5% of the total number of seats offered.

This international projection includes connections to 13 destinations which were not on offer in 2019, namely: Athens, Prague, Cork, Trapani, Palermo, Turin, Billund, Bucharest, Montpellier, Casablanca, Tetouan, Nuremberg and Weeze.

Additionally, the first four had never before been scheduled as regular routes at the airport, which is an important step in the opening up of new markets.

These connections not only contribute to diversifying the number of destinations available, but also the number of airlines. In fact, during the summer of 2023, around thirty airlines (including charter airlines) will operate from the airport’s facilities.

The foreign markets with the most marked growth this upcoming season in terms of seats offered by airlines compared to 2019 are: Ireland (+122%), Portugal (+73%).

Many passengers make connections with Lisbon to travel to the United States or Latin America, which explains the significant increase in the number of seats offered to the Portuguese market.

Seats on offer to Morocco have also increased, by 46%, France (+6%), the Netherlands (+5%) and the United Kingdom (+4%).

Although the new schedule starts on March 26, not all routes and destinations will start operating at the same time.

Rather, operations will start progressively, in accordance with the business planning and strategy of each company.


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