Spain’s Sevilla to boast highest bridge in Europe

THE proposed SE-40 bridge over the Guadalquivir in Sevilla will be the highest in Europe.

The engineering companies Ayesa and Fhecor, which elaborated the study to decide between an overpass or tunnels to cross the Guadalquivir river between Coria del Rio and Dos Hermanas, have published a recreation of the possible project.

Of the two options put forward, an overpass or tunnels, the central government has decided to go with the bridge believing this option to be ‘less costly’ with ‘less impact on the environment.’

The SE-40 is an infrastructure conceived three decades ago to close the Seville ring road and open passage between Coria del Rio and Dos Hermanas.

The bridge will have a 70.8 meter gauge, making it one of the highest in the world and highest in Europe.

A title which is currently held by the bridge over the Bay of Cadiz, with a gauge of 69 meters.

There are other bridges around the world that are taller than 70.8 meters, as is the case of the bridge over the Panama Canal (80 meters), and the one in Brazil (85 meters).

The height of the Seville bridge is one of the conditions required by the Port of Seville for the passage of ships.

The Ministry of Transport assures that the structure will not affect neither the Port of Seville nor the Copero Base.

According to the project, the SE-40 bridge will be located at a distance of 2.5 kilometres from Coria del Rio.

The technical study contemplates an alternative design for the bridge in the event that the piers cannot touch the riverbed.


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