Spain’s Sierra Bermeja fire was set intentionally with flammable liquid, possibly petrol, Prosecutor’s Office reports

THE fire in Sierra Bermeja is thought to have been started by a flammable liquid, such as petrol.

From the outset it has been clear to investigators that the Sierra Bermeja fire was intentional, a belief that has been echoed by the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office after learning of the initial investigations carried out by both the Guardia Civil’s Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) and the forestry division.

According to sources, piles of straw and pine cones were used and set on fire with an ignitable liquid, most probably petrol.

Additionally findings have confirmed the existence of several initial outbreaks that originated practically simultaneously and close to two points on a road with little traffic.

All findings show clear indications that the Sierra Bermeja fire was intentional.

Following the advance of the Prosecutor’s Office reports, Junta chief Juanma Moreno has called for Spain’s Penal Code to be modified and tougher penalties applied to ‘those who cause these fires.’

“These people have to pay. What has happened requires reflection given that there are more and more intentional fires,” he said.

“Due to the choice of the rugged area and for it having been started at night, knowing that strong winds would blow from the east during the following days. It has been done with very bad intentions and with the intention of doing as much damage as possible” Moreno added.

Furthermore, Moreno highlighted that the costs in economic, social and human life terms are ‘very expensive’ and confirmed his intention to propose a parliamentary initiative to reform the Penal Code.


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