Spain’s Sierra Bermeja set to be declared disaster zone with calls for harsher punishments for environmental arsonists

THE Sierra Bermeja is set to be classified a disaster zone after 9,670 hectares of land burnt in the ferocious wildfire.

The blaze, which authorities believe was started deliberately by arsonists, injured hundreds of animals, caused the death of a firefighter and saw more than 3,000 people evacuated from their homes.

The president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, revealed that the regional government had made a formal request for for this status so the area and those affected can receive financial assistance.

“We are going to take advantage of all kinds of aid, national and European, to help all those who have been seriously affected,” said Moreno, who stressed that an emergency works plan is already in motion.

Meanwhile, the president has called for harsher punishements for individuals that ‘set fire to our forests” which ‘will be a lot more severe than they have been thus far’.

Moreno insisted that ‘all indications’ pointed towards the fire being an intentional act.


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