Spanish reporter Pilar Rubio and Shakira ranked as most successful WAGs

WAGs get a bad rep.

Fashion snobs give them the red card for crimes against style including the revival of bondage dresses, Uggs boots and dodgy Van Dutch hats. Society blames them for influencing younger girls to get bigger boobs, longer lashes and bathe in fake tan. 

The word itself – which stands for footballers’ wives and girlfriends, came to prominence during the mid 2000s when strikers wanted to pose on the cover of Hello! with streaky tans and a Hermes clad spouse. 

But WAGs have always been more than arm candy – and now we have the stats to prove it. 

The data analysis team at SlotsUp have crunched the numbers to show that the wives and girlfriends of football’s most popular players are successful in their own right. 

Shakira, who is married to Spain’s Gerard Piqué, beat off competition from Victoria Beckham and Perrie Edwards to score first place and be named the most successful soccer WAG in the world, ranking 99 out of 100. 


The 44-year-old is even more successful than her famous footballer husband with a predicted net worth of €296,399,800. 

In addition to the star’s incredible bank balance, Shakira has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world, with a social media following of over 122 million, 2.7 million YouTube searchers and over 1.7 million monthly Google searches. 

Meanwhile Spanish reporter and TV presenter Pilar Rubio was revealed as the eighth place on the index ranking, with a score of 66 out of 100. 

Wife to Sergio Ramos, Pilar has an army of fans across social media with over 6.9 million followers and an average earning of €31,500  per post on Instagram. With over 148 thousand Google searchers and 8.7 thousand searches on YouTube, Pilar has made quite the impression on fans. 

The full study can be found below and perhaps now on we should now refer to Pilar Rubio and Shakira as HABs — husbands and boyfriends — of successful women. 

Top 10 most successful football WAGs: 

  1. Shakira – Score 99/100 
  2. Victoria Beckham – 95 
  3. Perrie Edwards – 76 
  4. Oriana Sabatini – 72 
  5. Leigh-Anne Pinnock – 69 
  6. Bruna Marquezine – 69 
  7. Anna Lewandowska – 67 
  8. Pilar Rubio – 66 
  9. Coleen Rooney – 65 
  10. Abbey Clancy – 62 


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