Spanish reservoirs fall by a further 0.9% in the last week to a sinking 35.9% capacity

SPANISH reservoirs have lost 528 cubic hectometres of water in the last week—representing a 0.9% of their total capacity.

According to recent data from the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO), there is currently a total of 20,174 cubic hectometres of water in storage, which translates to a mere 35.9% of its total capacity.

Despite the recent rains, they have not been enough to alleviate the general drought conditions across the country, in fact it will take much more than a few passing showers to make a meaningful dent in Spain’s drought conditions.

At the moment, reservoirs in Spain hold 9,251 cubic metres less than the average of the last ten years in this same week and 3,651 cubic hectometres (18%) less than on the same dates in 2021.

Of utmost concern are the water reserves in the main Andalucian basin, the Guadalquivir, which is at an alarming 22% of its capacity, followed by: Guadiana (24.5%), Guadalete-Barbate (24.9%), Segura (37.3%), Tajo (37.7%), Duero (37.8%), Cuencas internas de Cataluña (39%), Ebro (43.3%) and Cuenca Mediterranea Andaluza (42.3%).

The MITECO is a government department responsible for the collection and publication of Spanish reservoir details, as well as developing the government policy on fighting against climate change, prevention of pollution, protecting the natural heritage, biodiversity, forests, sea, water and energy for a more ecological and productive social model.


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