SQUID GAME: Did Netflix drama take a cue from iconic housing estate in Calpe on Spain’s Costa Blanca?

IT is the Korean TV series that has proved a massive hit.

Squid Game, the dystopian tale where contestants play children’s games with the penalty for losing being death, is noted for its set design.

Squid Game Netflix

Its sharp geometric shapes and vibrant colours stand out – but are eerily similar to a famous housing estate in Calpe (Alicante.

La Muralla Roja Flickr Rbta2009 Creative Commons
STRIKING: La Muralla Roja in Calpe. Picture: Fickr rbta2019 Creative Commons

La Muralla Roja is famous as an example of post-modern architecture. Designed by architect Ricardo Bofill in 1968 and finished in 1973, it features interconnected communal plazas and bridges. It’s painted red on the outside but has internal sections painted blue and violet, and would seem to have been a stunning influence on Squid Game designers.

They, however, have remained tight-lipped and not commented on the similarities.


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