Starting date for COVID-19 passport revealed for Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain

PROOF of vaccination will be a requirement to enter certain indoor areas from December 3 in the Valencian Community.

Regional president, Ximo Puig, this Thursday announced where the EU COVID-19 certificate will have be shown on a mandatory basis.

The measure will last for 30 days but it will still need the approval of the Valencian Superior Court who will decide whether or not it breaches fundamental freedom rights.

Ximo Puig said: “This move is proportionate, necessary and urgent and seeks the safety of those vaccinated against the coronavirus and to convince those to get an injection if they have not done so already.”

As expected the majority of hospitality and nightlife businesses will have to ask customers to produce a QR identification code that proves they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Verification of the code on a phone or paper will be made via a special phone app and Ximo Puig made an assurance that no personal data will be stored.

Outside terraces have no restrictions but a concession has been made to smaller businesses where the passport will only operate in places that have an indoor capacity greater than 50 people.

At celebrations like wedding receptions and baptism plus music festivals(both inside and outside) where a mask cannot be worn at all times, a passport will have to be shown.

Bingo halls and casinos that have a restaurant service will also have to adhere to the passport rule.

People visiting patients in hospitals and residents in care homes will also need to produce a vaccination certificate.

The policy appears to be inconsistent as sports stadiums, cinemas, theatres, and gyms will not have to demand a passport from attendees.

Ximo Puig said that the Valencian Community’s high vaccination rate of 92% meant that ‘we are no longer dominated by the coronavirus’ but added that unvaccinated residents had a 20-times higher risk of being admitted to the ICU that those who had bene fully immunised.

Asked whether other restrictions have been ruled out for the Christmas holiday, Puig said: “The will of the regional executive is that the COVID passport should be the fundamental measure to end the pandemic.”

“If there was a higher growth in infections, we would have to listen to the health authorities to guarantee people’s health, “ he added.

The Valencian government will hold a plenary session to discuss sanctions for businesses and individuals who flout the new passport rules.

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