Sunny year ahead for Spain’s real estate market

THE property market finally exploded in 2022.

After two years of relative stasis, it picked up massively as Covid restrictions came to an end.

Almost all agents I have spoken to had record numbers of sales last year, and most predict more of the same this year.

But the main issue is most certainly listings. Everyone badly needs them.

The critical shortage of properties is evident in Sotogrande, where Holmes’ boss Ben Bateman told me less than 10% of the local stock is for sale. “Unprecedented levels,” he stressed.

It’s the same for Winkworth, Terra Meridiana and others.

But what is encouraging is that while some countries in Europe (Holland and Scandinavia in particular) appear to have strong economic headwinds affecting their local property markets, Spain is likely to weather the storm.

Prices are only now reaching the levels of 2007 in many areas, and interest rates are peaking, while the demand is still strong from the dozens of foreign markets who still aspire to live or buy here.

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