Surge in traffic fines due to new radars in Spain’s Mallorca causing problems with early payments

MOTORISTS being hit with traffic fines in Mallorca discovered they don’t have the 50% early payment option due to the notifications being sent out late and sheer volume in fines. 

New cameras in Palma have generated an overwhelming number of traffic fines, but many drivers who have had to pay the full amount because the fine arrived too late can claim money back. 

Irene Nombela, Mobility General Director, said Sustainable Mobility had detected a delay in the notification of fines, meaning some drivers didn’t have the option of a 50% discount for early repayment.

Adding: “Mobilitat has set up a system to rectify the problem and drivers affected can either contact the department via email at or go to the Fines Office in the Sant Ferran barracks in person to get a new payment reference, and no appointment is needed.”

She also confirmed that anyone who has already paid the fine, but was unable to claim the discount because it arrived too late can also make a claim.

The delay in sending out fine notifications was caused as a result of 15,000 notifications issued in July having to be reprinted after a defect was detected, also the company in charge of issuing the notifications has been overwhelmed due to the sheer number of fines and staff shortages.

Nombela explained that all types of fine notifications have been affected, that the company was sent a warning and that it has since doubled its staff and all traffic fine notifications are being sent out as soon as possible.


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