Take to the road

Experience the ultimate freedom of the open road with Auto-Caravana Sur

DISCOVER the art of the open road, where every winding path is waiting to be explored and every sunset becomes a cherished memory.

Nestled in Tarifa, the breathtaking coastal town where surfing and adventures beckon, Auto-Caravana Sur stands as the premier camper van dealership for Andalucia and Spain.

Live these unforgettable journeys in the comfort and luxury provided by this Andaluz company’s range of camper vans.

Formed in 2016, they offer two high-quality German brands from our shop floor: Clever Camper Vans and Possl Camper Vans, both exemplars of quality and craftsmanship. 

Possl Vans
Possl model. Credit: Auto-Caravana Sur

They take pride in offering a complete customer experience.

The expert team will guide you towards the camper van that perfectly matches your desires and accommodates your family’s needs.

Each one comes equipped with cutting-edge features, many of which were first designed by Clever and Possl. 

Clever Vans
Clever model. Credit: Auto-Caravana Sur

The skyroof, located just above the windshield, can open up to let in the world, while blinds or a mosquito net can be pulled across it to keep it out.

They also boast internal bathrooms, cleverly designed to fit in both a toilet and a shower.

Their camper vans come equipped with lithium batteries, providing a reliable power source for internal appliances and other electronic gadgets.

Our vehicles breathe sophistication and durability on the road, with intelligent design married to materials of the highest quality.

As well as a range of camper vans for sale, we also offer rentals for occasional visitors just looking to hit the road.

Elevate your travel experience with Auto-Caravana Sur and embark on a voyage that intertwines luxury, freedom, and beauty. 

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