Tasty tattoo: Sevilla man has shocked the internet with a Serranito tattoo

A man from Sevilla has gone viral after having a tattoo of a sandwich inked onto his leg.

And it’s not just any old sandwich – it is a picture of Andalucia’s famous Serranito.

The ‘work of art’ is also much more than a simple picture – it is so detailed that the picture could be used as a recipe.

Bread, tenderloin, green pepper, serrano ham, tomato and aioli are all labelled in the correct order – and will be forever imprinted on his right leg.

Although tattoos have been around thousands of years, their past associations with pirates and ‘the lower classes’ have ended as they have become one of the main artistic expressions of the 21st century. 

Almost 40% of the world ‘s population has a tattoo, with Spain being the sixth ranked country in the world for having the most ink enthusiasts. 

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