Teenagers stopped from lynching another for sexual assault in Spain’s Valencia

A GROUP of teenagers had to be stopped by the police as they chased an alleged sex offender through an urbanisation on the outskirts of Torrent (Valencia).

Reports suggest that the 16-year-old suspect had previously forced a female friend of the group, also aged 16, to perform a sexual act against her will.

When the victim was let go and informed her friends about what had just happened, more than 20 youngsters gathered and set out looking for the culprit and the three friends he was with.

Startled by the commotion, the security guard at the residential complex called the Local Police reporting what he thought was a brawl between two groups of teenagers.

Torrent (Photo by Wikimedia Commons)

Two patrols rushed to the scene. While one police patrol found the victim in a state of shock, another discovered the suspect and his friends nearby as they tried to escape.

Upon hearing both sides of the story, officers arrested the young man for sexual assault and handed him over to the Guardia Civil.

Meanwhile, the pursuers smashed a motorbike belonging to one of the suspect’s friends and also reportedly threw stones at the police cars.   

The arrival of the police is thought to have prevented the suspect from being lynched by the group.


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