THAT’S NOT THE TICKET: Thief gets hand stuck while trying to steal coins from car park pay machine in Spain’s Ronda

A WOMAN apparently trying to steal cash from a car park ticket machine has been nabbed after she got her hand stuck in the money return slot.

The 44-year-old woman had to resort to calling for help when she was unable to free her hand .

A local resident in Ronda (Andalucia) called police at 3.45am on September 24 to report the please for help. Responding officers found the trapped would-be-thief. When asked what had happened, she came clean and said she was trying to get a few coins.

Finally, the woman was able to extract her hand on her own. The woman was still holding a pair of scissors which she had been using to try and force open the machine’s coin box.

The suspect, who had already been arrested on two other occasions in the last month for crimes against property, was arrested.


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