The Growing Popularity of Online Games in Spain

A country’s culture and social practices influence the citizen’s online interactions. 

In Spain, Spaniards took to online gaming after regulating the Spanish gambling and betting market on 29th May 2011. This Spanish Gaming Act allows gamers in Spain to fully explore legal gaming platforms online.

Being a foreign practice, we were cautious at first. However, there is a reduction in gamer exploitation through unregulated platforms in 2021. 

This reduction is due to the enactment of licensing laws. Consequently, the Spanish gaming sector grows, with gaming revenues soaring to €850.7 million in 2020. 

Video gaming, for example, is trendy among adults and children in Spain. Out of ten adults, nine are gamers. It goes to show the mindset transformation surrounding online gaming. 

On the other hand, smartphones and developments in technology push online gaming forward. Fast internet availability makes mobile and PC gaming convenient and entertaining for all Spanish gamers. 

Mobile Gaming Popularity and Influence on Online Gaming 

Twelve million Spaniards are mobile gamers. The convenience of playing anywhere and anytime encourages more players to play online. Game providers like NetEnt and casinos also make games less complicated to accommodate such players. 

The mobile gaming sector has genuinely evolved. More than half the country’s populace uses smartphones to play their favorite games online. 

Soccer, for example, is a prevalent sport in Spain. With legalized sports betting online, individuals can now place bets in the comfort of their homes. There is no more worrying about having to visit an actual betting shop. 

Lotteries are also readily available on smartphones. BonoLoto, to be specific, is among the country’s most loved games of chance, with draws happening almost every weekday.  

Responsible gaming is a virtue for Spaniards since there are minimal dire gambling cases in Spain. Despite having a flourishing gambling industry, many gamers gamble responsibly. 

Casino Gaming in Spain 

This sector speaks for itself regarding money made by game providers and casino owners. Besides, Spain is well-known for producing some of the best professional casino players in Europe. 

In 2021, juegos de casinos online or popular online casino games will vary from one player to another. Luckily, there are numerous options on casinos online. 

The straightforward and high payout games find popularity because players do not waste time and money before making good cash. 

Although strategic play directly puts you in the winning squad, getting the best game online puts you in a better position to win. 

Today, Spaniards play online slot machines more than any other game available. So, why are online slots more popular than any other game in Spain?

Slots are easy to handle, therefore the best for inexperienced players. Additionally, slot games are high payout games. All we have to do is spin and wait for the reels to land on a winning number or symbol. 

This preference is not to say that gamers dismiss games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker.  

Spaniards wagered €267 million (0.84% increase) in blackjack gaming in the third quarter of 2020. Live roulette follows closely with €950 million (7.47% decrease) in bets.  

The Future of Online Gaming in Spain 

Many individuals find new hobbies in online gaming, with the world locked down by the pandemic. Minimized movements and reduced human interactions are great contributors to amplified online gaming. 

The more Spaniards interact with different games, the higher the chances of growing the online gaming industry. 

At the moment, online slots are the most popular. Time will tell where the country’s gaming culture will be ten years from now. 

The total number of active players in Spain surged to 1.5 million in 2020. This surge represents an 8.36% increase. By the close of the year 2021, the numbers will increase significantly.  

Mobile compatibility also influences how players interact with games. Since mobile gaming is getting better, so is online gaming. 

Casinos in Spain also have functional and secure online casino platforms, thus encouraging players to try their luck online. Moreover, the current mindset of Spaniards places online gaming in high esteem. 

A high majority prefer gaming online to other forms of entertainment. After all, we get to make money in the process. 

Undeniably, the online gaming culture in Spain is only warming up. We expect to see a quadruple effect on revenues sooner than later.  

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