The impact of the Pandemic on Spain’s Banking System

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Currently, there are many economic and financial sectors that have been affected by the pandemic. However, the banking system in Spain has rather provided solutions and assistance at this time. Its liquidity and solvency have made it possible to offer many businesses and companies loans, credit financing, and more.

The objective of the banking sector is to provide assistance and be the best ally in this recovery process. In turn, they are showing how they have been preparing for future crises over the past ten years. However, in a certain way, the financial sector has been affected. In what way? And what solutions do they offer?

How is the Banking System recovering?

Reaching profitability has been a headache for banks. What has influenced the most are the types of interest they offer; Although it has been thought to increase the rates of these, it is not visualized that there could be great improvement, less in times of pandemic.

Being an economically sound sector, they have provided small strategies in order to recover as it progresses, and thus continue to be part of small solutions. 

For this they have been preparing with some levers and options, which, if managed in the correct way, would obtain the success and profitability they need.


While it is true that the banking sector had already invested in this, the pandemic has allowed great progress. It has been achieved that, for the most part, both companies, businesses, and people in general, use online banking services; including digital payments, such as the use of transfers and purchases, or payments, using cards.

All this has generated a positive response, achieving great consolidation of the financial sector, contributing more ideas to digitization, and advancing in providing excellent services. 

Products and services

Aware of their need to generate dividends, they have thought about risk management investment. The bank grants short and medium term credits; the most requested are credits 3000 euros. However, smaller figure credits can also be awarded.

It is important to note that, for this, you must meet certain requirements. The purpose of this is to have a financially more sustainable and adapted market. And achieve new growth opportunities in the sector, incorporating new renewable ideas.


This growth lever proposes to ally itself with sectors and companies that are fundamental pillars in the financial recovery; granting their financial services so that they are strengthened and generate great dividends to the banks. These companies can be technology companies, or anyone from the digital economy area.

In conclusion, a strengthening is being achieved. The idea of ??the banking sector is to be part of solutions, add profitability, and subtract bad debts of course, always offering all the necessary tools.

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