‘The most energy efficient town hall in Spain’: Estepona City Council finally inaugurates its new €13m headquarters

ESTEPONA finally inaugurated its new €13 million architectural curiosity of a town hall this month.

Its signature boast is an internal slide between the fourth and fifth floors to liven up the days of the 200 public sector workers expected to occupy the offices there.

The modern, seven-floor structure takes a cube shape, sheathed in a white latticework façade that is designed to protect the inhabitants from the malagueño sun.

Estepona Town Hall 1
The new Estepona town hall, inaugurated on March 10, boasts an internal slide and a number of sustainability features. Credit: Walter Finch

It is also claimed to be the most sustainable town hall in Spain due to its ‘renewable energy sources’ and ‘bioclimatic solutions.’

What this means is that the building is equipped with high-efficiency energy storage, as well as high-performance, low-consumption photocatalytic purification equipment to pump clean fresh air around the building.

All the light bulbs are energy-saving LED types, to boot.


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