The world’s smallest beach is in Spain

ASTURIAS in Spain can boast of being home to the world’s smallest beach; Playa de Gulpiyuri.

This tucked-away gem, fed by underground tunnels, is located over 100m from the Cantabrian Sea, and was formed as a result of the erosion of the sea, which created a series of caves and underground channels.

These channels allow the seawater to filter through them and form a kind of natural pool on the coast that consists of white sand and seawater.

This cozy beach surrounded by natural beauty and charm is only about 40 metres long with an average depth of one metre at high tide and is a must-visit for those looking for a secluded, natural paradise.

Access to this stunning, golden beach with crystal clear waters is somewhat tricky, given that it is hemmed in by cliffs, but worth the challenge. The nearest village is Naves and entrance is via a farm lane.

Gulpiyuri Playa, which has no amenities of any kind, has been declared a Natural Monument, as part of the Regional Network of Protected Natural Areas.


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