These two towns in Malaga province have been added to Spain’s ‘Magical Pueblos’ list

MALAGA will add two new towns to Spain’s ‘Magical Pueblos’ list in 2024.

A tourism initiative which gives towns across Spain the sought after title of ‘magical pueblo’ has renewed their list for the new year. 

Malaga province is already the proud home of five enchanting towns and two more are set to be added to the list in the coming months. 

According to the Pueblos Magicos manifesto: “Many towns are pretty, historic and enchanting…but only a few are magical.” 

Among this 100 strong group will soon be Tolox and Fuente de Piedra.

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra de las Nieves, Tolox is full of impressive nature including the deepest cave system in Andalucia, the Rio Grande and the Pico de la Torrecilla mountain. 

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Tolox

The town has Phonecian origins and is home to the historic Fuente Amargosa Health Spa, whose waters are said to be beneficial for respiratory illness. 

Fuente Amargosa Health Spa. Photo: Andalucia Turismo

Once a Moorish settlement, the town is quiet, rustic and laidback, making it a great way to spend a relaxing weekend, staying in the Cerro de Hijar hotel. 

The other town included in the list, Fuente de Piedra, is described as ‘picturesque’, ‘serene’ and ‘beautiful’ by the guide. 

Fuente de Piedra is known for its high population of flamingos Photo: Cordon Press

The town hosts the biggest lake in Andalucia and is home to the biggest colony of flamingos on the Iberian Peninsula. 

Once considered holy waters, the lake is surrounded by olive groves and attracts visitors from far and wide. 

According to the guide, the area’s ‘rich history and natural beauty’ captures the essence of Andalucia. 

To be considered as a ‘Pueblo Magico’, the towns’ quality of life, infrastructure, cultural heritage, gastronomy, local produce, landscapes and nature are all evaluated. 


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