Thief pinched hundreds of books from libraries in Spain’s Valencia for online resale

A thief stole over 300 books from Valencia libraries which he then sold online.

The 52-year-old Spaniard, with no criminal record, even offered a special service to customers.

They could order a title that he did not have in stock and he simply went to a library to steal it.

The illegal retailer warned buyers using a ‘buying and selling’ site that the books contained library stamps that were not ‘easily visible’.

The value of the stolen goods was €1,264 with some of the items recovered before they were sold.

The Policia Nacional launched an investigation after Valencia City libraries reported a spate of thefts.

They came across a profile on a second-hand goods website offering books- the titles of which matched those stolen from the libraries.

The seller was tracked down and arrested, with his remaining stash returned to the libraries.

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