Thieves rob tourists walking around streets of Costa Blanca city in Spain

THE POLICIA NACIONAL in Alicante have arrested two men who robbed a group of French tourists.

The Algerian nationals aged 20 and 29 took a small amount of money from three men in the city.

The thieves were spotted running away by a police patrol and were stopped for questioning.

Exactly at that moment, the French group approached the Policia Nacional officers and told them they had been robbed by the duo.

The two men were searched and a mobile phone, a watch worth €8,000, cash, and five bank cards were also discovered on them which they could not account for.

Once they were taken to the police station, officers linked the items to a robbery that had taken place days earlier.

The goods were returned to a grateful owner who said the watch was of great sentimental value as it had been a present from his mother.

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