Thieves steal 700 joints of jamon in Spain’s Andalucia worth more than a whopping €200,000

A PAIR of pork product plunderers have been pinched after pulling off a heist that saw them escape with a haul of Iberian jamon worth €200,000.

The stolen goods included 296 hams and shoulder cuts, and 448 loins of Iberian pork, all of which carried the esteemed Denomination of Origin from the Valle de Los Pedroches. 

The authorities were alerted to the theft following the forced entry of a tyre workshop in Villanueva de Córdoba and the disappearance of two vans.

Meanwhile, a local ham-drying facility was also broken into, leading police to surmise that the two crimes were linked.

Investigators managed to track down one of the vans to a warehouse in the Getafe area in southern Madrid.

A further search revealed the second van, and the complete recovery of all the stolen prized pork possessions, and two men were detained.


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